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Why Opportunity Ojooo ? (2018 Version)

With Ojooo is possible to make 20$-40$ daily without any investment - you just need patience and some effort involved. First of all you need to register, you can do it with link below. Then continue to strategy how to make 20$-40$ daily with Ojooo.

Register on Ojooo

What do you need?

  • - Computer with an internet connection
  • - Patience
  • - Spyware and Anti-Virus program installed on your computer

How to do it?

Ojooo strategy to Earn $18-$20 daily: For first 15 days - By clicking all ads they provided, you may earn $0.050 ~ $0.08 per day. (In this days varies on country). Save your money until you make $2. It will take some long time like 34 days, but you should be patient during this period. When you make $2, transfer this money to ‘Upgrade and rental balance or purchase balance’ and then buy 10 RRs (Rented Refferals). Rent fee is $0.20 for every single one. After you bought 10 RRs, check each and every RRs’ clicking average. Set Auto-pay on for those RRs which clicking average are higher than 1.5. (If many of your Auto paid RRs become inactive often, then switch off Autopay. And just let them go to auto recycled by the Ojooo system.) If your RR’s clicking average is high, then you will earn approximately $0.40 a day (Your clicks $0.06 + RR clicks $0.34)

Expand your RRs until reaching 100 RRs - After 10 days, can rent 20 more referrals. Your earning is $0.74 per day. (30 RRs), The following week rent 25 more referrals. Your earning is $1.35 per day. (55 RRs), The following week rent 47 more referrals. Your earning is $2.50 per day. (102 RRs)

I want passive income!

Membership upgrade

When you have 100 RRs, you can earn around $2.5 per day. - The maximum number of RRs for the standard member is 100. To rent more, you should upgrade. Earn 40 days with 100 RR and save then until you can have enough money to upgrade your membership, after 40 days your earning will $100. Purchase Premium upgrade for $40. Your income will rise now by around 50% - 100% and your maximum number of rented refferals is now 5000.

Now you have 400 RRs, you can earn around $9 per day. - Rent more. When you will have 1000 RRs, your earning will be $18-$20 per day. When you will have 1000 RRs, you are earning will be $600 per month. 2000 RRs will not take too long. When you will have 3000 RRs, your daily earning is $60.

Let's do this

Important note!

  • - You need to click at least 4 ads a day to recieve income from your refferals.
  • - Try to be creative and look for ways how to find your own NOT rented refferals to make it faster.
  • - Register under my referral link so i can help you in case you need help.

BONUS - How to find NON rented refferals?

Create a Blog

Promote Your Ptc Sites

This is perhaps the most used and the best method to make referrals. Because if your blog visitors come organically from Google search, you can expect them to be interested in this PTC subject.

Create Videos

Tell people about Ptc Sites

Youtube is the most famous video uploading site now online. It is also quite easy to rank a Youtube video in Google search results. Google tends to give good ranking for Youtube as Google owns Youtube.

Advertise Your

Referral Links

You can advertise your referral links in classified sites. In the long run, it works really well.

Use Traffic Exchanges

Get FREE Traffic

You can also use traffic exchange sites to get direct referrals. Traffic exchange sites basically give you an opportunity to get traffic to a new site. The basic concept is very simple. You need to surf sites of other members and make points. As a result, they will surf yours. Traffic exchange sites work great if you use them in the right way.

Join Money Making Forums

Help Others

These are sites where people gather in search of money. So if you can attract other users to your site, you can get lots of referrals easily. Talk to people looking to earn money and don’t forget to add your referral link in your signature.

Find Rooms and Groups

That Share Money Making Ideas

You can even find chat rooms and groups aimed at money making ideas. These are excellent places to promote your referral link. Tell others how you use some Pts site and how they can use it. Help them to start with you.

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